Strategy Overview

  • Using a momentum-based approach, the Strategy seeks to provide tactical exposure across global investment markets and asset types, including domestic and international equities, commodities, real estate and fixed income securities.
  • The use of active risk-hedging seeks to provide more consistent, less volatile results and downside protection.

Investment Objective

The Kensington Defender Strategy seeks capital preservation and total return. Total return consists of capital appreciation and income.


Tactical Allocation
as of 03/31/2024


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The Kensington Defender Strategy is managed by Kensington Asset Management, LLC and sub-advised by Liquid Strategies, LLC. Additional information about the Strategy and the adviser can be obtained by viewing company disclosure documents available upon request. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Risks specific to the Defender Strategy are detailed in the prospectus and include general market risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, management risk, equity securities risk, fixed-income securities risk, high-yield bond risk, foreign investment risk, emerging markets risk, real estate and REITs risk, commodities risk, currency risk, subsidiary risk, market risk, underlying funds risk, derivatives risk, limited history of operations risk, turnover risk, models and data risk, momentum risk or risk of the portfolio not performing as expected.

Advisory services offered through Kensington Asset Management, LLC, Barton Oaks Plaza, Bldg II, 901 S Mopac Expy – Ste 225, Austin, TX 78746.

Kensington Defender Strategy Materials


Quarterly Fact Sheet

Most recent strategy returns, key statistics, exposures and holdings related data


Investor Presentation

Overview of our investment universe, philosophy, process and portfolio characteristics


Monthly Commentary

Read the latest Commentary from Kensington Asset Management