Active Advantage Strategy Materials

At Kensington we believe that the best way to generate steady, above-average positive returns with low volatility and downside protection, is to employ a tactical investment methodology that has the potential to recognize and measure consistent and repeating behavioral patterns in the financial markets. 

Active Advantage Strategy Materials

Asset 1

Quarterly Fact Sheet

Most recent strategy returns, key statistics, exposures and holdings related data

Asset 2

Investor Presentation

Overview of our investment universe, philosophy, process and portfolio characteristics

Asset 1

Performance Analytics

Comprehensive analysis of returns and various performance-related statics since inception

black swan



To say the current market environment is challenging is an understatement. The sudden and vicious
nature of the decline since the S&P 500 peaked at an all-time high of 3,386.15 on February 19 has
been historically unprecedented in some ways. It took only thirteen trading daysfor the index to
plunge to 2,746.56 and inflict a -18.9% loss on investors. 

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